Monday, October 19, 2009


Dear Internets,

I am home sick. As I type, there is a mad storm of awfulness brewing inside of me. It's rather disgusting!  I'm feeling super light-headed and giggly, however, so I guess there's an upside.  Before I fall asleep again, I wanted to come show you this lovely find for Fall...

$22.50, online only

Yes, that's right! Our very own black miniskirt made entirely of sequin (and love!) Thank you, Wet Seal.  You done good!

Now... if only your entire plus collection wasn't "online only." Grrrrrr...?

On a sad note: Dear Torrid, Please stop making your plaid pleated miniskirts.  Forever!  They're an insult to all fatties who are actually fashionable and cute. I don't care if they're a top seller. They're revolting. Seriously. Have you ever seen them out on the streets? The people who buy these every year are tragic because you keep supplying them with a garment that they just don't know how to wear.  It's all baaaaad news! Fail. Fail! Make it stop.

Your friend in sickness and in health,


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Who are you Weesha? said...

OK, gotta have that hot skirt! damn, another one on the shopping list..