Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Every Girl"

 Dearest The Internets,

A long-time friend recently informed me that "bigger girls try harder."  Actually he said "bigger girls, try harder." But I don't know who invited the comma to the party,  so...yeah.

First: Let me address that my usage of the word friend, in this case, should be taken like a grain of salt. Because really, anyone who would actually consider, let alone go through with, telling me this obviously has questionable ideas of how friends treat and talk to each other. Moving on...

This made me think about this "stereotype." Alot. I will call it a stereo type because I have not personally met every fat girl in the world (Has Lil' Wayne? I should contact him. His expertise would come in very handy.) so I cannot tell you that yes all fat girls "try harder" or that no, fat girls "don't try harder." I'm going to take an educated guess and say that some fat girls probably try harder, and some don't, and some try somewhere in the middle. I will also go out on a limb and assume that some skinnier girls try harder, some don't, and some try somewhere in the middle. Basically, lots of girls, (fat, medium, skinny) "try harder." And I'm no expert but I can only assume that desire stems from issues like insecurity, self-image, peer pressure, etc. and not necessarily their dress size. Aww, I love dresses!

How did this cruel generalization even come to be? Some guy (I'm being nice here!) probably had a date/sex/some sort of interaction with a fat girl one night and he probably liked it. However, he was so worried about what his bros would think (OMG! They're all going to laugh at him for scoring some pussy!) so he rationalized what had just happened by saying "Well, yes she is fat. And I could NEVER be attracted to a fat girl, that's disgusting...but I actually enjoyed this I'm just going to tell everyone that even though she is fat, she was worth it because she tried so hard to please me!" Yeah, lets go with that. The sad truth is she probably didn't have to try very hard at all with this one, if you know what I mean. (And I think you do!)

So now here we are.... stuck with this disgusting, vile mentality that its okay to fuck/friend/date/know the fat girl because she will "try harder" for you. 

Grow up and get real, little boys. Next time you think that only fat girls are "trying harder", go down to your local strip club, Hooters restaurant, sorority house, dance club and ask yourself if its really just the "bigger girls trying harder."

So now I bet you're wondering what kind of fat girl  I am. Do I try too hard, not enough, or just right? I guess it just depends on the day. Sometimes I try harder at having the cutest outfit, sometimes I try harder at getting the best grade on a class assignment, sometimes I try harder at being a better person. Other times I don't try too hard to understand all the idiocy around me, I don't try too hard to keep people around who aren't worthwhile, and I certainly have done a real splendid job of NOT making use of my gym membership.

So there you have it, The Internets. Fat girls are so unpredictable! If only we just tried a little harder... 

Onward and Godspeed!




Heather said...

Proverbial nail on head. Insecurity seems to be the causal link between girls and trying harder to please a man. Skinny girls, fat girls, smart girls, dumb girls, celebrity girls... every type of girl has someone within it who has "tried harder".

On the other hand, what's so wrong with wanting to please a man (sexually or otherwise) as long as he's returning the favor?

It's EKG! said...

There's definitely NOTHING wrong with wanting to please a man (or lady!) as long as he/she is returning the favor. That's how it should be, right? =)