Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"1-2 Crush On You"

Dear The Internets-

People are in a huff because Karl Lagerfeld recently said some mean things about fat women and models. Um...not shocking? Really? Is anyone SHOCKED AND APPALLED that the fashion industry is a huge fattie hater? Didn't think so. I could care less, really.

BUT! This whole thing did make me laugh when I read what Erica Watson wrote for the Huffinton Post:

My first issue with this is that Karl Lagerfeld himself is not the smallest berry on the tree. As a matter of fact, he looks like he wears a size 14/16 at Lane Bryant. I would never be able to date Karl Lagerfeld for fear that he and I would show up wearing the same fabulous animal print top from Ashley Stewart. (Full...)

AHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH... I'm peeing myself, really. No. Really. Imagine this scenario in your head. It's hiiiiiigh-larious! Karl Lagerfeld is such a beeyatch that he'd make you go home and change, too.

Oh, The Internets. People are chuuurayzay!

Ah. And if you're wondering why this doesn't upset me, but this does? It's simple. Karl Lagerfeld is not a real person. He's just some creepy old dude creating beautiful garments that will eventually trickle down into my reality through the crazy fashion cycle.

Carry on!


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