Friday, October 9, 2009

Jennifer's Body

Dear The Internets,

A dear friend saw and loved Jennifer's Body this week and our conversation reminded me that I should share my thoughts on it with you, even though it's been out for a depressing  x amount of weeks now.

Let's be frank; I want to have babies with this movie.  Lots of them! And while we are being honest, let me also tell you that when I found out Megan Fox was Jennifer I was beyond annoyed. I was kind of a Megan-Hater prior to this movie...which is weird because I would never watch Transformers and her part as Carla Santini in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is but an insignificant blip in teen-movie heaven.  Off the top of my head, I can't even think of anything else she's ever been in so it's weird that I would dislike her so much for no good reason.

My utter annoyance for the lead actress was not enough to trump my love for Diablo Cody so, unwillingly,  I went. Even as the movie was starting I kept thinking "Uuughhhh Megan Fox!" (For the record: my dislike for her had nothing to do with any disdain towards her pulchritudinous appeal! That's not my style.) But moving on...

Bollocks!  Spank me with a stiff monkey tail and colour me surprised. She blew my mind with her portrayal of Jennifer Check in ways that teenage boys only dream of! Oh and the Codyspeak, how I loooove the Codyspeak.

Jennifer's Body is: humorous, consciously cheesy, slightly twisted, pretty to look at, a good way to spend 102 minutes.

Jennifer's Body is NOT: supposed to be seriously "scary", nor is it the total shitfest that people are making it out to be.

I give it 3.999 out of 5 cupcakes and a tongue in my cheek for good measure.

Satanically yours,


P.S. Come over so we can sit in my room and listen to Maroon 5 records.

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