Friday, October 9, 2009

"Paint a Vulgar Picture"

 The Internets-

There are days when nothing in the world makes me feel more disgusting than my movie theatre uniform. The heavy non-slip men's shoes that are all warped because I stand ridiculously pigeon toed. The polo that scratches my skin and clashes with the majority of my blush selection. The black men's workpants that are just disgusting mostly because I only have one pair, but also because they're mens pants and men have no hips so no matter what size I get I always have wild muffin top. I have always tried to make it fun  (see: bearable) for myself by wearing a hair accessory or a fun ring, but...yeah.

Carry on.. 


P.S. Have you ever worn a work uniform, Internets? Tell me about it...

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