Friday, October 23, 2009

"Just Like That"

Dearest The Ints,

Remember when I told you I'd been feeling kind of blue (see: ridiculously depressed and listless) and very not myself? And how I said that I've been slacking on the basics lik oh, you know: wearing makeup, maintaining my eyebrows  and combing my hair with an actual brush?

Well, no more of that! I'm officially shaking it off in 3..2..1...NOW!

Now that I'm no longer sick I'm going to become 100% invested in myself. To prove how serious I am about this I went to the store and bought a nice new brush to replace my old favourite one that suffered a tragic end in the vicious hands of a 2 year old boy that will remain unmentioned by name...


P.S. Walmart has cute basic black GEORGE cardigans. And fat girl leggings in the basic colours for $7.00. I know, I was pleasantly surprised. Go get some! Or don't, I don't care.

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