Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Purple Rain"

Dearest The Internets-

Oh happy day!

Well, almost.

I'm getting ready to go to the screening of New Moon.  Yes, I'm that person. Anyway... I bought this amazing scarf today and even though there was a fun array of colours available, I chose purple.

Just yesterday I was telling my study group that I was not obsessed with the colour purple and that people who obsess over a colour (especially pink) are creepy and freak me out. Unfortunately for me,  I happened to be wearing a black and purple heart-print scarf (Thanks, Miley Cyrus!), a purple ring, and purple toenails. Way to make a case, right? Right.  I don't remember how the conversation got started but I swear it wasn't as hypocritical as it sounds.

Oh, after today I also have an new amazing purple double kiss-lock wallet. I will have you know that I put back a jar of real honey, some cranberry pomegranate juice, and bathroom cleaner to ensure I wasn't over my limet. (SAD!) But believe you me, Internets, I'm NOT obsessed with purple. I'm not. Really.

Or am I?

On a terribly upsetting note: I can't find my Cullen Family Crest...okay, I'm that girl but I swear that's the extent of my madness! Well, if you don't count my Edward poster.  I wanted to wear it on the new scarf tonight. You know, just to be ultra sassy. But alas, it's gone. Woe is me.

Yours truly,


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