Monday, July 19, 2010

"Undone- The Sweater Blog."

Dear The Internets Lovealots,

I'm sitting here at nearly 4:00 am thinking of cardigans. Well, mostly I'm thinking about how I don't have nearly enough to satisfy me or my cardigan needs. This situation must be remedied immediately! I prefer 3/4 sleeved ones and it seems like the pickins are SLIM...but duh, it's summer time and most definitely over 110 degrees every day.  But still, a fattie can dream?

My BFF and roommate has an entire full-sized rolling rack dedicated to all her amazing cardigans. I have less than 20 and they're mostly plain. Woe is me, Internets. Woe is me.

Cardigans exist for the following reasons:
1.) To make me happy.

2.) Because wearing multiple layers of clothing is much more amazing than not.

3.) To cover fat arms, or other alarming arm scenarios that are only relevant in our own heads.

4.) To make a non-appropriate  piece of clothing appear appropriate for work in a heartbeat.

5.) To be belted.

6.) To be adorned with prettyful broaches.

7.) To add a pop/splash of colour to a less than exciting ensemble.

8.) To change your look from day to night without having to do too much.

9.) To wear during the winter in places like Arizona, where jackets and trench coats are sadly unnecessary. 

10.) To make me VERY happy. 

Carry on, Internets!  Carry on.



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