Friday, December 4, 2009

"Cute without the E (Cut From the Team)"

Dearest The Internets,

Hello, my darling! How glad I am to see you again.

Nothing new to report 'round these parts. Currently sitting around anxiously awaiting tonight's episode of Ugly Betty. (♥ x infinity!) Yeah, on a Friday lame am I?

Anyway, I wanted to come and talk about how repulsive my outfit was for today. I'm not a big fan of "Casual Fridays" because if you ask me its an excuse for some people to dress like lazy unattractive slobs. And let me tell you, I  felt like a lazy unattractive slob today. As you may know (maybe?) I have two jobs. One of them is at a movie theatre on the weekends and I wear a uniform there. The other job is at an elementary school. Ahem.

So today, Friday, I wore a school polo with a black dickies pinstripe pencil skirt. I'm sure you're thinking that doesn't sound so bad, but listen.  The polo is hunter green and it definitely doesn't go with the skirt. And to make it even worse, I wore gray leggings under it. Not tights, LEGGINGS. And my favourite most accessible pair of army green Chucks. I did wear a cute hat  but it was unfortunately lost in the mess of horrible outfit, gross hair, no make-up.

Yeah.....I was what you call a hot-ass-mess. Yikes! I'm not proud of it, either. Some days just call for being ugly, I guess?

Well, Internets, I better go now that you've had a little giggle at my expense. I just stuffed myself silly with Taco Bell and I feel slightly toxic and barf-y. Yum?



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